Gif Wizard

Favorite Final Fantasy Male — Bartz Klauser

Bartz is a hero that is admirable, not for his strengths, but how he handles and recollects his weaknesses. While foolish, childish and reckless, Bartz still holds strong by his occasional seriousness, heroism, and the path that he leads by following his heart. To cover up a darker past, the wanderer travels in hopes of holding onto a loyal promise he made to his father, and to eventually live in Dorgann’s steps as a warrior of dawn. The events of V make him realize that he can’t be so reckless, and that growing up may be his only choice in the matters laid before him. When things go from “saving the world” to personal matters with Exdeath, Bartz himself grows into a strong young man who still holds fast to what he feels in his heart.

Dissidia echoes this change, even referencing a scene where he admits his fault and apologizes to Galuf. Childish and careless on his journey, he realizes that this is no game, and that his foolish decisions could lead to others being hurt.

Even in light of his development, Bartz is still care-free, friendly, overly-trusting and ready to help others without another word. He cares deeply for his friendships and treats everyone as though they were a clean slate. His free way of living is like that of a bird’s, in which he flies where he wishes. Bartz is very kind and good at heart, although he could afford to take a moment to think things over more often than he does.